COVID-19 STATEMENT (As of April 8th)

As of April 8th

Per Governor Sisolak’s directive all golf courses are closed immediately through the end of the State of Nevada stay at home period. 

As of April 7th

The Nevada Golf Alliance, represented by golf facilities and allied associations throughout Nevada, encourages all golfers and golf facilities to follow the latest Best Practices Protocols informed by recent social distancing policies. Each golf facility is encouraged to share their Best Practices on their websites and to inform guests and staff to facilitate a safe environment for all.



  • Carts are wiped down with disinfectant spray or wipes BEFORE and AFTER each round. This includes steering wheels, cart seats, arm rests, cart dashes, cup holders, gear shifts and cart keys.
  • Where available golf carts are power washed BEFORE and AFTER each round and then disinfected.
  • Bleaching golf carts after every use.
  • Ball washers that are on golf carts are wiped down with disinfectant.
  • Pull carts and push carts are wiped down with disinfectant if available at course.
  • Tees, towels and cart coolers and bottled waters have been removed from carts.
  • Sand bottles or scoops have been removed and golf course maintenance will address filling divots until further notice.
  • Outside staff will be wearing gloves when placing scorecards and pencils on the cart and will replace them after each round.
  • Some facilities have REMOVED SCORECARDS and pencils from the carts. Hand out only on request.
  • Sticker with date and time placed on the cart when it has been disinfected.


  • Bag room areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • All outside service staff will wear gloves when working and change out as necessary.
  • Golfers should place their own golf bags on their golf cart. Outside services staff SHOULD NOT touch a guest’s golf bag or clean their golf clubs.
  • DO NOT pick up golfers in a cart in the parking lot.
  • It is recommended for golfers at private facilities to take their golf clubs home with them.
  • Staff members will refrain from shaking hands with guests.
  • NO bag drop stations in use.
  • No handling of golf bags at ANY TIME.


  • Hitting stations will be a minimum of six feet apart.
  • Balls will be thoroughly cleaned with soap, bleach or disinfectant after each pick of the range and before they are placed back on the range.
  • All range staff attendants MUST wear gloves.
  • Some facilities are dispersing range balls in the pro shop or check in station so that ball dispensers and codes do not have to be used.
  • Range buckets are disinfected after each golfer use.


  • Encourage golfers to walk.
  • One golf cart per person is preferred practice.
  • If one golf cart is assigned to a twosome highly encourage one golfer to walk while the other golfer rides. Take turns with one golfer in the cart at a time.
  • Cups on the greens have been modified so that the golfer does not put their hand in the cup. Variations of modified cups include:
    • Turning cup upside down. Once a ball had hit the cut it is deemed holed.
    • Lift cups out of the hole. If you hit the cup your ball is deemed holed.
    • NO METAL cups used.
  • The flagstick is NOT to be removed from the hole for any reason.
  • All rakes and ball washers have been removed from the course.
  • Golfers can pick up their ball in a bunker and smooth out the sand then replace the golf ball.
  • Coolers have been removed from all courses and bottled waters are available.
  • All flagsticks have been removed on practice putting area and cups have been turned upside down.
  • Restrooms on golf course will remain open, cleaned every two hours and sanitized daily. Put a sheet in the restroom to show the times of the day the restroom was cleaned.


  • Pro shops and clubhouses should be closed and locked. If pro shop is open for check in there should not be any merchandise sales.
  • If guests need to enter pro shop for check in only four people allowed inside at a time. Place a staff member at the doors to guarantee the number of guests inside at a time.
  • Wipe down door handles and glass to pro shop every two hours.
  • Inside pro shop wipe down countertops, computer keyboards, etc. throughout the day.
  • Some facilities are leaving entrance doors open so that guests do not have to touch the doors.
  • No tables and chairs should be present to allow people to sit and congregate.
  • Take out food and beverage only.
  • Highly recommended pre-paid tee times online or over the phone. This allows the guest to go directly to the first tee when arriving.
  • Pre-paid tee times eliminates people touching credit cards and pin pad.
  • Some facilities have an app that allows the guest to pre-pay.
  • Have ONLY one person in the group check in.
  • Check in for golf should be located OUTSIDE. Set up a table if necessary or use a tablet.
  • Send an email the day before the guest arrives reminding them of the safety and expectations of when they play golf.
  • Most facilities have extended tee times to run between 10-15 minutes apart.
  • Most facilities have limited hours for golf each day.
  • Keep facility website UPDATED with the most current information and expectations.

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COVID-19 STATEMENT (As of April 8th)